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ID: 00051   Posted on: 11/8/2005

Peter's Date Package 1.1.10 Update

NOTE: If you use Professional Validation And More v3, please update to v3.0.3 as VAM has been modified to handle some new functionality in PDP 1.1.10.

  • ASP.NET 2.0 assembly included. Provides support of ASP.NET 2.0 features including XHTML, easier localization on strings, automatic setup of the style sheet <link> tag, removal of obsolete API features and more. See the User's Guide for the section "ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio.Net 2005 Enhancements".
  • Documentation has been enhanced using techniques previously applied to the VAM 3 upgrade. There is a separate Installation Guide, richer step-by-step instructions for adding controls, extended details on many topics where there was heavier load on tech support, and quick jump tables on many sections.
  • ASP.NET 2.0 assembly only: When you use the SpecialDates control with CS_Calendar, you can now have it use callbacks (AJAX technology) to update the SpecialDates control with new data for each month. This reduces the size of the data passed to the browser by limiting the data to just one month each time. See the xCallbackOnMonthViewChangeB property.
  • Extensive enhancements to the CS_Calendar.OnMonthViewChanged event. The MonthViewChangedArgs parameter provides start and end dates for the month shown plus access to the CS_Calendar and its SpecialDates control.
  • When using the CS_Calendar.OnMonthChangedEvent, it normally only fires during a post back caused by changing the month (it depends on the xAutoPostBackOnMonthViewChangeB property). Often users setup the OnMonthChangedEvent to populate the SpecialDates control and want it to be called each time the page is created, not just on a month change post back. Use the new xAlwaysInvokeOnMonthViewChangedEventB property.
  • CS_Calendar provides a new property, xCurrentMonthViewed. It is a DateTime object representing the first day of the current month viewed.
  • DateTextBox, MonthYearTextBox, and AnniversaryTextBox offer a new property, xAdditionalDateSeparators. Sometimes you want to allow the user to type other date separators than then one supplied by xDateTimeFormatInfo.DateSeparator. Define those other date separators in this property.
  • DateTextBox, MonthYearTextBox, and AnniversaryTextBox offer a new property, xMonthNamesUppercaseB. When you use xAllowMonthNames=Show, the month names are reformated into uppercase. With xMonthNamesUppercaseB set to false, the month names can now be the same case they are defined in the xDateTimeFormatInfo property.
  • TimeOfDayTextBox and DurationTextBox have a new property xDecimalMode which lets you determine the role a period character has in time entry. Prior to this, the period was always used to represent a decimal form of time. Now it can be disabled or used as an alternative time separator with this property.
  • TimeOfDayTextBox and DurationTextBox have a new property, xBlankStartsAt. It determines the initial value assigned to a blank textbox when using spinners. It can be the current time, min/max time, or a value from xBlankStartsAtValue.
  • There are new ways to get and set values on the data entry controls when binding. See the DateTextBox.xDateBindable, CS_Calendar.xSelectedDateBindable, and TimeOfDayTextBox.xDateTimeBindable properties.
  • When using SmartNavigation or IFrames, sometimes popups appear transparent or have other strange drawing problems. This is due to a hack to allow popups to appear over listboxes and dropdownlists in IE/Win 5.5-6.x. One way to resolve this problem is to turn off the hack. That can now be done with the new property xIEFixPopupOverList property, found on the various popup controls.
  • DateTextBox no longer wraps its buttons under the textbox when squeezed for space. It provides an HTML container to prevent wrapping. This container is controlled by the xContainerMode property. It can be turned off. xContainerMode replaces the xAutoAbsPositionModeB property.
  • TimeOfDayTextBox and DurationTextBox no longer use absolute positioning for its spinner buttons. It no longer wraps its help button under the textbox when squeezed for space. It provides an HTML container to keep all controls in one row. This container is controlled by the xContainerMode property. It can be turned off. xContainerMode replaces the xAutoAbsPositionModeB property.
  • You can now install the PetersDatePackage folder under the [web application root folder] without setting any keys up in the web.config file. This is the preferred location for ASP.NET 2.0.
  • The TrueBrowser class now supports an event handler, TrueBrowser.Customize, where you can configure a TrueBrowser object yourself based on the UserAgent supplied. This allows easier control over browser configurations. See the section "Customizing a TrueBrowser Object" in the User's Guide.
  • Design mode now shows the spinner buttons on TimeOfDayTextBox and DurationTextBox.
  • Context menus now offer several positioning properties: xHorizPosition, xVertPosition, xHorizPositionOffset, and xVertPositionOffset.
  • The xOnChangeFunctionName property on DateTextBox and TimeOfDayTextBox now supports a way to be called even when the textbox is blank or has erroneous data. Use the xOnChangeFunctionAlwaysB property and add the new pError parameter to your function.
  • To support XHTML compatibility, all <img> tags now provide a value for their alt= attribute. In many cases, you can set the value.
  • Better handling of Mono by avoiding changing the case of file paths and supporting the Unix directory separator character.
  • When assigning TimeOfDayTextBox.xDateTime to DateTime.MinValue or calling SetEmpty(), it now clears the DateTextBox as well as the TimeOfDayTextBox.
  • Support of the IndexOf() method on the SpecialDates.xDates collection.
  • Opera 7 and 8 would not popup the Help button menu.
  • Opera 8 would often misposition the popups to be flush with the top of the page.
  • Some cultures specify a trailing date separator (including Hungarian (hu) and Latvian (lv)). These would generate both client side and server side errors.
  • When using decimal entry in TimeOfDayTextBox or DurationTextBox, if the user typed "08" or "09" for hours, it would convert the time into 12:59:59.
  • Better positioning of popups when they have a wide border or they are contained in another element that has a wide border.