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Posted on: 7/7/2008

Dynamic Data support for Peter's Data Entry Suite coming soon!

PeterBlum.com has been working extensively with ASP.NET Dynamic Data since March. It is a big improvement for data entry web form developers and an important addition for Peter’s Data Entry Suite.

Dynamic Data - part of the ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 - lets the database tier code dictate the validation associated with your data entry fields. It ensures the validators match the business requirements set elsewhere. It also lets you develop standard user interfaces for each type of data you work with, like integers will use an IntegerTextBox and dates will use a Calendar control.

Learn more about Dynamic Data here:
Introduction |  Download |  Forum

Peter has worked extensively with the ASP.NET Dynamic Data developers to provide a satisifying solution. Both groups have greatly benefited. The Dynamic Data team has been able to tweak their software and Peter has created numerous extensions, taking advantage of the far richer validation system found in Peter’s Data Entry Suite.

Peter’s Data Entry Suite v4.0.3 includes a prerelease of this Dynamic Data support.


If you are already a licensee of Peter's Data Entry Suite v4, get the 4.0.3 service release and start exploring.