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Release History for Peter's Polling Package 1.1.4


11/24/2009 Peter's Polling Package 1.1.4 Update
  • Documentation reformatted. Installation directions improved.
  • Assembly supports partial trust environments
  • The question can now be positioned to the left of the answers by using the xQuestionToLeftOnEntryB and xQuestionToLeftOnResultsB properties.
  • The xRotatingPollsEntryOnlyB property is an expansion of the xRotatingPollsB property. When true, each vote is followed Entry mode showing the next question. It's basically a way to go through a series of questions one-by-one like a survey.
  • New event: PollCreating. Use it to update the Poll control’s properties or take another action immediately prior to when a poll record is converted into the content on the page. This event supplies you with the current view, poll record, and poll count amongst multiple polls shown, all in the Args parameter.
  • RecentPolls now identifies the record ID of the currently shown Poll within its xPollID property
Bug fixes
  • The Poll's PreRender event was not supported.
  • ASP.NET 2 legacy mode could sometimes prevent saving the value of a vote. The poll would re-appear in Entry mode after submission.

9/11/2006 Peter's Polling Package v1.1.3 released
  • In Entry View, it may help to start the list of answers with a different item to make sure users aren't just clicking on the first one. Set the new property xRandomizeEntriesB to true to start with a random answer.
  • In Results View, you can now sort the results by the total votes, with the highest votes at the top. Set the new property xSortAnswersByVotesB to true.

Bug fixes
  • When the RecentPolls control was added, design mode showed the error "" until you setup the <xPolls> property.

10/10/2005 Peter's Polling Package v1.1.2 Released
  • With the new xEntryAnswerElements property, you can format the radio button answers with values representing the current total for the answers including bar graphs, total votes, and percentage.
  • With the new xRotatingPolls property, you can make new polls appear shortly after the user votes on the current poll. See the "Rotating Polls Mode" section of the User's Guide.
  • With the new xThrowExceptions property set to false, if your database throws an exception, it will no longer be sent back to the page. Instead, the PollControl will show itself in the "There are no polls to show" view.
Bug fixes
  • In design mode, when showing both the List and Poll section on the Recent Polls control (via a right click on the Recent Polls control), the xPolls.ToolTip property gets set to say "DEMO MODE".
  • ASP.NET 2.0/Visual Studio.net 2005 users could not get polls to save votes when used inside a UserControl, content form of a MasterPage, or any Naming container.
  • Sometimes when a bar reflected a value below 0.01, the bar would be too large for the value.

3/2/2003 Peter's Polling Package v1.1.1 released
This release only has enhancements. They are as follows:
  • The License file path can be overridden with either of these web.config file attributes: PPP_LicenseVirtualPath or PPP_LicenseFilePath.
  • The Submitted event has its arguments expanded to include the record ID of the selected answer when the user votes in the field fAnswerID.

9/30/2002 Peter's Polling Package 1.0.3 released
This release includes new functionality from customer requests.

9/21/2002 Peter's Polling Package 1.0.2 released
This update contains one enhancement and two bug fixes.

8/24/2002 Peter's Polling Package 1.0.1 Released
Bug fix: the Poll control did not accept votes when in a nested naming container more than 1 deep such as a Panel within a User Control.