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Release History for Peter's Data Entry Suite v5.0.5


11/23/2013 Peter's Data Entry Suite 5.0.5 Update
You should get this release because earlier releases do not support Internet Explorer 11 with a client side experience. No scripts were loaded when IE 11 was used. If you have any other version, please go here for directions:Internet Explorer 11 requires upgrade or hotfix to work.

New features:
  • Support for Internet Explorer 11.
Bug fixes:
  • CurrencyTextBox, PercentTextBox, and the Currency and Percent options in a Validator's DataType property failed to support Decimal and Single types.
  • CurrencyTextBox and the Currency option in a Validator's DataType property failed to use the CultureInfo.NumberFormat.CurrencyGroupSizes property.
  • DecimalTextBox did not use the TrailingZeroDecimalPlaces or MaxDecimalPlaces properties.
  • When using the String Lookup System, if the value passed in as a LookupID was not found, it would return a blank string instead of the default string. For example, if you have a control with Text="abc" and TextLookupID="code_abc", it should return "abc" when there is no value stored as a resource named "code_abc", but instead it returned "".
  • Buttons on Calendar, MonthYearPicker, and TimePicker controls whose label contained the token "{IMAGE}" did not get the image embedded.
  • CheckStateValidator did not correctly attach to <input type='radio' runat='server' > or <input type='checkbox' runat='server' > tags.
  • Removed a licensing restriction on the LinkButton's WhenDisabledCssClass property.
  • Date and Time textboxes failed to show the value assigned to their ToolTip property when AutoHints were off.
  • FieldStateControllers would inject the wrong markup when using design mode to add references to other controls in its ControlConnection property.
  • DateTextBox failed to support the Mongolia (mn-MN) culture during client-side parsing.
  • DuplicateEntryValidator would not apply its Trim property value.
  • Peter's Input Security's Security Analysis Report failed to output the many validator controls found on the page.
  • MultiSegmentDataEntry controls failed to show alternative style sheets in segments after a postback detects an error.
BLD bug fixes:
  • String Lookup System failed to return strings from resource files if they were in the BLDErrorMessages, BLDLabels, or DataAnnotations resource files.
  • When using SQL Server to store ASP.NET View State, this error occurred with a BLDWidgets control: "The constructor to deserialize an object of type 'PeterBlum.DES.BLD.BLDWidgetsViewState' was not found."

11/24/2012 Peter's Data Entry Suite 5.0.4 Update

This release is based on the release of FireFox v17. That browser changed its User Agent string in a way that prevents DES from recognizing the browser. As a result, DES scales down features to server side only. There are no javascript elements in FireFox 17.

DES 5.0.4 detects the new User Agent which ensures the full client-side experience.

11/12/2012 Peter's Data Entry Suite 5.0.3 Update
New features:
  • IntegerTextBox, DecimalTextBox, CurrencyTextBox, and PercentTextBox now offer the AllowThousandsSeparator property. By default, users can type in the thousands separator symbol. When this is false, they cannot and if validation finds this character, it causes validation error.
  • IE 10 has poor support for filter styles, a feature introduced by Microsoft in IE 5.5 that provides the shadow and fade-in/out effects used by DES’s popup elements. The result is a JavaScript error on that browser. IE 10 is now detected and these features are disabled.
  • Compatibility with Telerik RadControls 2012 Q3 release. Telerik had made changes in their client-side API making some controls have a JavaScript error and others not validate correctly.
Bug fixes:
  • Design mode would report an error instead of drawing the control in several cases, due to a bug introduced in v5.0.2
  • Popup calendar sometimes did not engage keyboard support after a second popup.
  • Popup toggle buttons for calendar, monthyearpicker, and timepicker all should have closed the popup when opened. They left it open. These buttons now act as a true toggle.
  • Client-side calculation for the length of a string in a textbox counted carraige returns incorrectly on modern browsers. FireFox 15+, IE 9+, and Safari 5+ changed how many characters they stored in memory for each carraige return from two characters (ASCII 13+ ASCII 10) to ASCII 10 alone. On the server side, the browsers always postback ASCII 13+ASCII 10. Now TextLengthValidator and TextCounter control count 2 characters for each carraige return even if they store only 1 character on the client-side.
  • The value of the marked checkbox in a CheckBoxList did not work with the CompareToValueValidator or CompareToValueCondition on the client-side.
  • When JavaScript is detected to be disabled, some scripts were still written to the page.
  • The mouse over and mouse down effects of some buttons with images did not work. This was noticable on the Calendar’s next and previous month/year buttons.
  • VisibleCondition, EnabledCondition, and ReadOnlyCondition did not evaluate correctly on the client-side.
  • Calendar part showing the month and year names did not apply the correct style sheet based on the MonthYearCommandAndLabel.CssClass property. It worked initially but a mouse over would apply an incorrect class.
  • CalculationController’s attempted to assign a decimal value to an IntegerTextBox causing a TypeCastException when the ShowValueControlID specified an IntegerTextBox.
  • Using the Input Security module’s LogAndRespond system to track an exception or error would cause a NullReferenceException if tracking an error when using an HttpHandler other than one that loads the page.
  • The DecimalTextBox, CurrencyTextBox, and PercentTextBox would return the value of Int32.MinValue instead of Double.MinValue when you call their DoubleBindable property and there is no value assigned yet.
  • The ValidationManager.OnAdjustValidatorToBrowser event would cause a NullReferenceException if the browser cause the ErrorFormatter to be replaced. Impacted webcrawlers.
BLD bug fixes:
  • Server-side UI-level validation for the RequiredAttribute failed.
  • Currency FieldTemplates did not use the UseCurrencySymbol property from the CurrencyDataTypeAttribute.
  • Percent FieldTemplates did not use the UsePercentSymbol property from the PercentDataTypeAttribute.
  • Several exceptions raised by the Filter controls.

5/21/2012 Peter's Data Entry Suite 5.0.2 Update

Bugs fixed

  • Web Application Updater reported an error when installing a service release that stopped the process. The error indicated a file call PeterBlum.DES.BLD3_5.dll which does not ship with the product. Specific to 5.0.1.
  • Validation errors using the HiliteFields and "Change the style of the field with the error" had errors when using ajax or server side only validators controls. They did not correctly change the appearance of these fields.
  • In FireFox, Calendar control did not fully disable when you attempted to disable it. Usually this involved using the FieldStateController to disable it, but users might have tried to set the DOME disabled attribute on the Calendar's div tag. In this case, the control appears visually disabled, but still allowed clicks and keyboard commands to modify the date.
  • Validation with these RadControls Q2 2012 or later generated a javascript error: RadTextBox, RadMaskedTextBox, and RadNumericTextBox.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: RadMaskedTextBox validation was inconsistent between client and server side validation. Server side validation's methodology is considered correct and applied to the client-side code. Now client side validation includes the text inserted by the mask, just like using the RadMastedTextBox.ValidatedText property does. Previously, validation only looked at the text the user enters, ignoring the text inserted by the mask.
  • IE 9 changed how to turn off autocomplete. This is now fixed.
  • When validating with the PopupErrorFormatter and PageManager.FocusOnSubmit=true, if the validator with the PopupErrorFormatter reports a server side error, focus did not jump to that validator's control to evaluate. It now does.
  • IgnoreConditionValidator now automatically establishes client-side javascript for its ErrorFormatter. Previously you had to set the OverrideClientSideEvaluation property.

4/4/2012 Peter's Data Entry Suite 5.0.1 Update
  • Supports the recently released Telerik RadControls 2012 Q1 release. This release changed the IDs to the HTML elements of the controls, breaking existing scripts. Installation of 5.0.1 is enough to get it to work. There are no additional files to install.
  • Cleaned up how memory is disposed so that when a control is removed from the tree, its memory is usually released right away instead of waiting for the .net Garbage Collector to dispose it.
  • New property: HeaderSeparator in the ValidationSummary control. It overrides the default text inserted after the Header to separate it from the list.
  • CurrencyTextBox: The AllowExtraDecimalDigits property acted as if it was set to true when the property was left to its default. It should act as if it was set to true (not allowing extra decimal digits.)
  • CurrencyTextBox, DecimalTextBox, and PercentTextBox: The AcceptPeriodAsDecimalSeparator property threw a TypeCastException.
  • IntegerTextBox: The FillLeadZeros property did not work after a postback. The server side code that reformats failed to account for it. Client-side code worked correctly.
  • Validators using DataType="Percent" but not pointing to a PercentTextBox should have required only integers. They allowed decimals too.
  • DateTextBox: The position of the popup calendar was overlapping the textbox and toggle image. Now it positions at the bottom of the image. (If the image is smaller than the textbox, it will still overlap.)
  • Validators: When contained in a control that is Visible=false, server side validation still occurred. It should have not validated.
  • Design mode: several properties that have not been modified were getting written out into the ASP.NET markup when you edit another property in the Properties Editor. This occurred in a few controls.
  • SpecialDates in Design mode: The editor for TokenDefinitions and DataFieldsWithTokens failed when you clicked the Add button.
  • MultiConditionValidator and MultiCondition object in Design Mode: the Editor for the Conditions property failed when you attempted to add a child Condition.
  • FieldStateControllers in Design mode: the Editor for the Enabler property would not write out changes.
  • FieldSecurityValidator in design mode: Did not draw correctly.
  • ValidationSummary: Using the AddMessage() method would show your text after the client-side removes other messages from validators which the user corrected.